STAND MGMT is a division of STAND (Thailand) Limited, dedicated to supporting and developing exciting, break-through individuals in the Kingdom. STAND MGMT unlocks the purpose in people who strive to push boundaries, achieve goals and drive change. All in a country, that for many years,  has been a unique propagator of diverse and compelling personalities.


MGMT is not a talent agency, nor a traditional management company. The division works in collaboration with a limited number of hand-picked individuals, who we believe have the potential and power to drive their awareness, along with the back-story of where they live and learnt. MGMT does not employ or partner with agents or management companies, preferring experienced business consultants, subject matter experts and personal development coaches.


Our talent board covers far-ranging and esoteric sectors, from sports to science, but with one thing in common, a belief in succeeding with purpose and integrity. MGMT believes that there is talent in everyone of us. We simply help those of us who have the passion, purpose and practice to unlock it.